Oliver Speaks Out Against Pork-Laden “Relief” Bill

Georgia House District 5 Candidate Wants Money to Go to The People

ATLANTA, GEORGIA (Aug 6th, 2020) – Senate Republicans have outlined their $1 trillion coronavirus “relief” bill that includes another round of $1,200 payments to Americans, additional payments to dependents, an end to the $600 enhanced unemployment benefits, and $8 billion for military weaponry.

“I join Justin Amash (L) in saying that any assistance should be direct payments (returning stolen tax revenue) to the people as opposed to complicated, cumbersome relief bills full of graft,” says Chase Oliver, candidate for the House District 5 seat in the September special election.

“While small businesses shutter their doors, the corporate welfare class and military benefit.

“What amazes me is how every bill becomes pork-laden with costly military programs being funded. What do attack helicopters have to do with the coronavirus? When millions of Americans are out of work, they need assistance to put food on the table, not more national debt that goes to the giant defense firms who line the pockets of ‘leaders’ in DC.”

Oliver is one of seven candidates vying for the House seat left vacant by the passing of Congressman John Lewis.