Chase Oliver: “Gun Rights Are A Civil Rights Issue”

ATLANTA, GA (Sept 10th, 2020)- For Libertarian Congressional Candidate Chase Oliver, support of the 2nd Amendment isn’t just a partisan issue, it’s an inalienable right.

“Often times when gun regulations are implemented, communities of color and other vulnerable populations are the first to be disarmed. Gun rights are a civil rights issue.”

Oliver’s beliefs on gun laws are informed by historical precedents. From Ronald Reagan’s Anti-Gun policies during his time as Governor that were implemented to crack down on the Black Panthers, to the hefty mandatory minimums in legislation like the Armed Career Criminal’s Act, gun laws have a long and sordid history of disproportionately affection Black Americans, as well as those living in poverty.

“The 2nd Amendment is our inherent right to self defense and is something I honor and respect. We are all allowed to protect our families and property and we should all remember that our 2nd Amendment is also a bulwark against tyranny from the State. I will stand up to those in Congress who would seek to disarm the American people.”

Oliver is running for the US House District 5 seat recently vacated after the untimely death of former Representative John Lewis. Early voting locations are open now. The Special Election will be held officially on September 29th, 2020.