Join Candidate Chase Oliver For a Special Election Night Celebration

ATLANTA, GA (Sept 22nd, 2020) – Libertarian Congressional Candidate Chase Oliver would like to cordially invite you to spend the evening of the Special Election for the 5th District Congressional district with he and his team at the Cake Social Bar.

“Let’s hang out, play games, eat and drink as we watch the results of the 5th district special election come in.”

Oliver is bringing a historic campaign to a close. Not only is he one of the first two openly LGBTQ+ Candidates to ever run for the 5th district seat, alongside his friend and colleague Keisha Waites, he is also only the second Libertarian candidate to ever be on the Congressional Ballot for the state of Georgia. Oliver’s campaign has used its platform to draw attention to Criminal Justice reforms such as the ending of cash bail and qualified immunity, as well as combining progressive social acceptance with small government freedom-centric Libertarianism.

Oliver is running for the US House District 5 seat recently vacated after the untimely death of former Representative John Lewis. Early voting locations are open now. The Special Election will be held officially on Tuesday September 29th, 2020.

The Cake Social Bar is located on 458 Edgewood Avenue SE in Atlanta. The festivities will begin at 7:30, and guests of all beliefs and affiliations are welcome in good spirit.