End Qualified Immunity

Qualified Immunity makes it harder to hold Law Enforcement accountable when they harm the public they are sworn to protect and serve. If elected I will join Congressman Justin Amash (L-MI) and Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) as a cosponsor of HR 7085, The End Qualified Immunity Act and put power back in the hands of the communities to hold bad police accountable. When communities can hold bad police accountable, the community and police are safer as a result.

End No-Knock Raids

No-Knock raids time and time again have been shown to harm or kill innocent people, and this action needs to stop. From Breonna Taylor to Duncan Lemp to a 19 month old child in Habersham County in 2015 we have seen these kinds of police action harm too many for it to continue. If elected I would support legislation to end No-Knock Raids by police.

End Militarization of Police

The Pentagon to Police pipeline needs to stop. Our neighborhoods will be safer without armored vehicles rolling down our streets. Escalation of violence by police leads to less trust in law enforcement and more danger for residents and businesses.

End Cash Bail

The Cash Bail system punishes the poorest among us plain and simple. No one should be in jail awaiting trial merely because they can’t afford cash bail. True reform to our justice system requires that all of us, rich as well as poor be treated equally in the eyes of justice.